Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Sneaky Mouse

One day a mouse saw some cheese on the table but there was a cat in the house. So the mouse needed a plan to get the cat away from the table. His first idea was to make the cat chase him and then hide but then he thought of a safer idea, to go to the cat's toy basket and wind the cat's toy mouse up and make a squeak and let the toy mouse go. So while the cat was chasing the toy mouse the real mouse climbed on the table. When he was about to climb back down the cat came back to the kitchen to drink. So he needed another plan to get rid of the cat. His plan was to knock a cup of water over on the cat.
Just then he saw the cat go to sleep. So he went back to the cat's toy basket and got some yarn and went back to the table and tied it to the cheese and lowered the cheese to the ground. Then he started pulling, but it was too hard to pull. So he got 112 mice to help him pull it to their hole in the wall. When they got there they had a nice meal together.

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